Phase 4, Open-Label Study

34 adult patients participated in a Phase 4, open-label study for mild to severe plaque psoriasis in intertriginous areas.23,24

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In intertriginous areas, VTAMA cream demonstrated rapid and powerful efficacy23

VTAMA cream Efficacy Results at week 1223

82.8% of adult patients (n=29) achieved an iPGA score of 0 (clear) or 1 (almost clear) and at least a 2-grade improvement from baseline at week 12 with a median time of ~6 weeks23

65.5% of adult patients achieved an iPGA score of 0 (clear), which indicates complete clearance at week 12, with a median time of ~8 weeks, with some patients achieving it as early as 2 weeks23

75% of adult patients achieved itch relief with ≥4-point improvement in PP-NRS at week 12 (intertriginous areas)24

Patients Achieving a ≥4-point Improvement in PP-NRS by Visit (ITT, OC)*24

*Patients with baseline PP-NRS score of ≥4 who achieved ≥4-point improvement in the PP-NRS from baseline.